Journal Article Reviews

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2017, July  Does resistance training affect muscle strength, joint pain, and hand function in individuals with hand osteoarthritis?

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2017, April  Review of Total Wrist Arthroplasty

2017, March  Do exercises help hand osteoarthritis?

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2016, December: Strength training to reduce work-related pain

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2016, October: Can right-handers can cross strengthen wrist extension on either side?

2016, September: Does cupping reduce muscle fatigue?

2016, August:  How is opposition possible with a complete median nerve laceration?

2016, July: Are there always 8 FDP tendons?

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2016, April: “dynamic” vs. static bracing for De Quervain syndrome

2016, March: goniometer vs eyball measurements

2016, February: topical NSAIDs

2016, January: help for patients with fibromyalgia