Case Studies for OT and PT Students


We are developing a series of case studies to introduce OT and PT students to the realm of hand surgery and hand therapy.

In return for 20-30 minutes of your help, we will send you a coupon worth $50 for any DD course. The “help” involves completing a treatment plan for a common upper extremity condition. See a draft example where a hand therapist has added the information that is printed in red.

We would like you to return your additions within two weeks. Then if you want to work on more of the case studies, let us know. Same deal: $50 coupon for each completed case. Example of hand therapist embellished case study, cubital tunnel syndrome.pptx

Interested? Contact us at and let us know which categories you prefer: nerves, shoulder, tendons and muscles

If you have a less experienced therapist working with you, it would be a great learning experience for them to draft the therapy treatment plan and then go over it with you. They would receive a $50 coupon too.