Doctors Demystify Dupuytren Disease

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Follow the 112 minute narrated PowerPoint presentation that uses anatomical photos, animated drawings, and videoclips to demonstrate and explain the pathology, current treatment options, and implications for therapy regarding Dupuytren disease.
Meet these objectives for beginning, intermediate, and advanced learning 
  • describe the fascial anatomy of the palm and digit
  • describe the basics of normal and abnormal connective tissue biology
  • describe the incidence, clinical findings, and progression of Dupuytren contracture
  • describe current treatment options along with associated pros and cons
  • describe the appropriate aftercare and therapy for the various treatments
  • describe common treatment complications and management

Content Focus: Professional issues: education; OT process: evaluation, intervention

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  • watch the narrated PowerPoint presentation
  • take the 25-question multiple-choice quiz
  • score at least 70% correct to receive your certificate for 3 hours of CE credit (You may retake the test if necessary.)

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