Journal Club 2016

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Journal Club 2016

Course Content

  • Synopses and commentaries on 12 recent journal articles relevant to hand therapy. 
  • Links to Pubmed abstracts of these 12 papers and, when available, full text pdf versions of the papers
  • A 12 question, multiple-choice quiz covering major learning points taken from these articles

Course Objective for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Learning

  • Discuss the learning points of each article and apply them to patient care. 
  • Content focus: professional issues: education; OT process: evaluation, intervention

Read the abstracts, synopses, and Dr. Meals’ commentaries.

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  • Score at least 70% correct on the 12-question quiz and receive 2.5 hours of continuing education credit. You may re-take the quiz if necessary.
  • As always, DD Guarantees satisfaction or you get your money back. 

Congratulations on staying current.

Here are the synopses and commentaries and links to the abstracts.