Doctors Demystify Current Science, Comments from Previous Sessions

Doctors Demystify Current Science for Hand Therapists


“Thank you for this fantastic and elaborate educational opportunity and your enthusiasm for teaching and learning.” 
“Dr. Meals clearly is interested in teaching hand therapists. He is one of the most non-arrogant surgeons i have encountered. He seems to have thoughtfully approached the development of and the continuing development of this course. He seems fresh. He seems to really enjoy teaching and interacting with us. He seeks people out to help as opposed us coming to him.  He makes learning fun.  The multi-sensory approach feeds right into us OTs. This is one of the most thoughtful courses I have attended and loved every minute of it.” 
“This was easily the most exciting, innovative and motivating class I’ve been to.”
“Best CE course I have taken in 20 years as a hand therapist.  Everything else has been information.  Your course is education.  I leave refreshed and renewed and with a strong sense that I understand how important it is to learn rather than listen.”
“This course is my favorite style of learning–fast paced, interesting, thought provoking, fun.  Thank you!”  
“Best course out there for experienced hand therapists.”
“Dr. Meals’ enthusiasm for scientific reasoning is something every hand therapist can benefit from.”
“Definitely the most interesting course I’ve been to.  Great respect for therapists’ intelligence. Great group of therapists gathered.”
“Your humor and analogies keep things interesting with this somewhat heavy material.   I appreciate the opportunity to learn from doctors–very different than learning from other therapists.”
“Thanks again for a great course.  I am already looking at things with a new perspective.”
“I am planning to take the CHT exam in 2 weeks and feel this course was excellent for review and preparation.”
“You are gifted at making the complex simple.”
“The entire course kept my attention.  I usually doodle.  No evidence of that this weekend.  Fantastic!”
“Dr. Meals is an excellent instructor and the course is very well organized with important and valuable information. The complex topics are broken down so they can be easily understood. I highly recommend this course.” 
“Your presentations added, expanded and shook up my knowledge on topics critical to hand therapy. Good job.”  
“Best course I have been to regarding anatomy. Loved the labs. I feel smarter! This definitely helped me finally understand topics I have struggled with for years.” 
“Everyone learns through different means, and what is great about this course is the variety of teaching media used. The concepts are presented in very attainable and clinically relevant ways, and I now have a much more sophisticated understanding of information I thought I’d known thoroughly for years. Thank you.”
“Loved the brachial plexus model. Wish I had it when studying for the CHT exam.”
“The course has stimulated the ‘why and how” in what I do–two questions that I used to ask a lot when I first became a hand therapist. Thank you, Dr. Meals. Excellent, practical, stimulating course! I will be back!”
“I came to the course with high expectations. They were exceeded. You said at the beginning of the course that your objective was to change the way we look at hands forever, and I dare say that goal was achieved.”