Frequently Asked Questions

I am having issues registering for a course, what should I do? Make sure that first you are logged into your account on our website before registering. If you haven’t created an account please do so by going to www.doctorsdemystify.com and on the left hand side of the page select LOG IN, CREATE ACCOUNT/NEW USER.

If you already have an account and you are still having trouble registering, make sure that the billing information listed matches your credit card information. For instance, if you are using a personal credit card, do not include your company’s name on the billing page.

How do I download/print the Live course syllabus?  The course syllabus will be posted on the website a few days before the course is held. On the left hand side of the home screen select MY COURSES, scroll down until you see LIVE COURSES I HAVE PURCHASED and select the course. Scroll down till you see your city and date.

To the right of your city you will see link(s) to the course syllabus. Please note, only registered individuals will be able to view the course syllabus. The syllabus is available in two forms: one is six slides per page should you wish to print out the syllabus. The other is one slide per page, which works well on you laptop, tablet, or cellphone, which you may wish to bring to the course with you.

How do I access my self-study course material and the quiz?  Please review the following instructions. Self Study Quiz Instructions

How do I access the quiz for the live course I recently attended?  Please review the following instructions.  Live Course Eval-Quiz Instructions

How do I access the evaluation and certificate for the live Current Science course in Atlanta I recently attended?

Please review the following instructions: Atlanta Course Evaluation and Certificate Instructions

How many continuing education hours will I receive for a course?  Continuing Education hours vary from course to course. Hour are included in each course description on the website.

Are the continuing education hours approved by my state board?  Doctors Demystify is recognized by The American Occupational Therapy Association as an Approved Provider of Continuing Education. This usually suffices for OTs. PTs need to individually apply to their state board/association for continuing education credit. This usually entails submitting the Course Objectives, Topics and Schedule (available at www.doctorsdemystify.com); a copy of the chairperson’s CV (available on the internet); and a copy of your certificate. One way Doctors Demystify is able to keep registration costs modest is not applying for accreditation state by state.

Do you offer any discounts?  We do offer “specials” periodically through our monthly newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter, please go to our website www.doctorsdemystify.com and on the left hand side of the screen select “E-Newsletter” and subscribe. We do not offer group discounts.