Jar Opener Reviews

Feedback on Electric Jar Openers for Doctors Demystify, September 2017

Jill Marder-Meyer   I have used the Hamilton Beach and it works well for all the different size jars I have opened. My one negative comment is that when placed in a drawer if it hits up against anything, it begins opening or closing and it is hard to get it to turn off until it has completely opened or closed.

Judie Johnson   I have used the Black and Decker for many years and love it!  I received it as a gift so would probably try others before spending that much but it works wonderfully!

Cynthia S   One of my patients tried the Hamilton Beach jar opener and was very happy with it!

Janelle Niebeling   The Black and Decker black jar opener I have used (which is very similar to the other two in mechanism), but I found it at Menards on sale for $8.00. The Amazon price of $190 is ridiculous as even the base price before the sale at Menards was $40.  It works well, but is clunky and takes up a fair amount of counter space.  Some upper body strength though is required to push down on the top which initiates the mechanisms to turn opposite directions, so may not be good for everyone in that respect.  At the right price it may be worth it, but I would say look for another product if you are needing to pay $190 for it or hire someone, That may even be cheaper!

The top ones are similar to a ‘one touch’ brand one I used once that worked, but again bulky and takes up space.  Not as quick as opening on your own.