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September 2020  Quantitating Your Gut Feelings About a Patient’s Prognosis

August 2020  More discussion on the value of the scratch collapse test

July 2020 Overuse syndrome in musicians

June 2020  How accurate is the scratch collapse test for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome?

May 2020 Are goniometers obsolete, especially in the coming era of telerehab?

April 2020  Covid, Telehealth, and Hand Therapy

March 2020  Power-assisted flexion for individuals with high spinal cord injuries

February 2020 Do statins wreak havoc on tendons and muscles?

January 2020  The effect of walnut rolling on hand function and corticospinal tract activity

December 2019  Do positive health care experiences result in better outcomes?

November 2019  The Effect of Kinesiotaping for Fingers of Musicians with Dystonia

September 2019  Light Treatment for Distal Radius Fracture Rehabilitation

August 2019  Should we immobilize the wrist after flexor tendon repairs?

July 2019  A Novel Method of Thumb Reconstruction

June 2019  Using a Touchscreen Tablet for Rehabilitation after Carpal Tunnel Release

May 2019 The Effect of Phonophoresis on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

April 2019 Are there roles for passive hand prostheses and tools?

March 2019 Update on Hand Transplantation

February 2019:  Does toe-to-hand transfer impair foot function? The patient’s perspective.

January 2019:  Does fluidotherapy improve hand function in patients with rheumatoid arthritis?

December 2018: Does post-traumatic cold intolerance last forever?

2018 November   Blood Flow Restriction Therapy, Part II: Implications for Rehabilitation and Caveats

2018 October  Blood Flow Restriction Therapy, Part I: The Basics and Use in Normal Individuals

2018, September Video gaming and arm pain in young baseball players

2018, August  The best way to rehab a thumb after LRTI for CMC osteoarthritis

2018, July  CMC joint arthritis: does non-operative intervention prevent surgery?

2018, June  “Will I develop arthritis after my wrist fracture?”

2018, May   Low-Level Laser Therapy and Muscle Strength

2018.April Dry Needling. Does it work?

2018, March: How a patient’s life situation or character affects their perception of care

2018, February: Perspective: Dealing with Racist Patients. N Engl J Med 2016; 374:708-711    full text of article available at this link

2018, January:  How does long-standing type I diabetes affect upper limb function?

2017, December: “Will squeezing a rubber ball help my arthritis?”

2017, November Will your patient be symptomatic 11 years after a distal radius fracture?

2017, October:  Do mudpacks relieve arthritic aches?

2017, September  When is it safe to drive after volar plating of a distal radius fracture?

2017, August  Do you exchange text messages with patients?

2017, July  Does resistance training affect muscle strength, joint pain, and hand function in individuals with hand osteoarthritis?

2017, June  Hot packs vs. whirlpool

2017, May  Do hand exercises help patients with rheumatoid arthritis?

2017, April  Review of Total Wrist Arthroplasty

2017, March  Do exercises help hand osteoarthritis?

2017, February  How do patients rate forearm replantation vs. prosthesis?

2017, January  Recovery of typing performance following carpal tunnel release

2016, December: Strength training to reduce work-related pain

2016, November: Does Kinesio Tape help tennis elbow?

2016, October: Can right-handers can cross strengthen wrist extension on either side?

2016, September: Does cupping reduce muscle fatigue?

2016, August:  How is opposition possible with a complete median nerve laceration?

2016, July: Are there always 8 FDP tendons?

2016, June: when to mobilize elbows after distal biceps tendon repairs

2016, May: do you need your C7 nerve root?

2016, April: “dynamic” vs. static bracing for De Quervain syndrome

2016, March: goniometer vs eyball measurements

2016, February: topical NSAIDs

2016, January: help for patients with fibromyalgia