A lively, illustrated exploration of the 500-million-year history of bone, a touchstone for understanding vertebrate life and human culture.

Enhance your understanding of how bones grow and heal. Advocate for your patients.

  • Advance purchase BONES at Amazon (hardcover $27.95, Kindle $14.16). Receive the book on launch date: October 20, 2020.
  • Read the first half, BONES CONCEALED (145 pages), which is relevant to the practice of hand therapy.
  • Register for the course ($39), take the quiz, and earn 6 hours of continuing education credit.
  • If you wish, read the second half, BONES REVEALED, for general interest.
  • Leave BONES in your waiting room. Patients will enjoy discussing topics with you.

Learning objectives

  • Describe the unique chemical and structural nature of bone and the effects of nutrition, supplements, and medications.
  • Describe how bones grow and heal and factors that can promote or diminish bone health.
  • Describe medical and surgical interventions, past and present, used to treat bone disorders.
  • Answer common questions regarding osteoporosis, its prevention and treatment.
  • Delineate the relative merits of bone imaging techniques.
  • Describe likely advances in bone health, particularly regarding the aging population.

Praise for BONES

  • “Roy Meals has done for bone what Mark Kurlansky did for salt: he saw the possibilities in something that everyone takes for granted, and made it into a star. This is a paean to bone, a scientific primer as well as a cultural history, composed by a master of his subject.”—Ross MacPhee, curator, American Museum of Natural History and author of End of The Megafauna
  • “Wide-ranging, deeply researched and entertaining, Bones is a highly accessible examination of a complex topic. Meals has a real knack for explaining complicated phenomena like bone growth, fractures and healing in an imaginative, jargon-free manner. A must read for anyone with a backbone.”—Bill Schutt, author of Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History
  • “An engaging journey for readers exploring and explaining the mysteries and wonders of the skeleton, illustrating the importance of bone in health and history in a wonderful story-telling style. Most informative and a real joy to read.”—Vernon Tolo, MD, Former President, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons