DD Current Science for Hand Therapists, Pandemic-Proof, 2021


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Current Science for Hand Therapists


Pandemic-Proof Version 2021

24 CE hours

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Update your understanding of the science that underpins hand therapy

Learn from hand surgeon educators:

  • Roy Meals, MD, Los Angeles, Course Director
  • Phil Blazar, MD, Boston
  • Neal Chen, MD, Boston
  • Jason Fanuele, MD, Boston
  • Ali Ghiassi, MD, Los Angeles
  • Clifton Meals, MD, Atlanta
  • Julie Melchior, MD, Boulder
  • Simon Talbot, MD, Boston
  • Virak Tan, Madison NJ

Earn 24 hours of CE credit for intermediate and advanced learning

  • attend 27 video lectures presented by experienced MD educators
  • construct learning/teaching models for brachial plexus, collagen cross-linking, and flexor tendon (once registered, you will receive the kits in the mail)
  • save and review the complete full-color e-syllabus, available in electronic and print versions
  • quiz yourself on 7 clinical case series: wrist, elbow, shoulder, nerve, tendon, muscle, bone
  • be a 5-time contestant on Anatojeopardy, test your prowess against the clock
  • assess your knowledge on 5 matching quizzes and 4 multiple-choice exams
  • optionally participate in monthly Zoom Q/A calls to consolidate your learning

Sign up with one study buddy. Let us know at info@ddhands.com when both of you have registered, and we will send each of you a $30 coupon for your next Doctors Demystify course. ($529 -> $499)

Sign up with two study buddies. Let us know at info@ddhands.com when all three of you have registered, and we will send each of you a $60 coupon for your next Doctors Demystify course. ($529 -> $469)

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