Doctors Demystify Tendons and Muscles for OTs and PTs 2020


Doctors Demystify Tendons and Muscles for OTs and PTs

Saturdays in 2020 in 40+ cities.
Earn 5.0 hours of continuing education credit.
Learn from area surgeons.

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Learn from area hand surgeons 

Understand upper tendon/muscle anatomy, function, common conditions, and treatments

Earn 5.0 hours of CE credit for intermediate and advanced learning

The US$110 registration fee includes mid-morning refreshments and color e-syllabus for download to computer or printer.

Course Objectives      At the completion of the course the registrant will be able to

  1. describe the micro- and macro-anatomy of upper extremity muscles and tendons
  2. describe current concepts of muscle physiology and tendon healing.
  3. collect a good history & exam for common upper extremity muscle/tendon conditions.
  4. educate patients regarding their condition and treatments.
  5. participate more effectively in the patients’ care.

Content Focus: Professional issues: education; OT process: evaluation, intervention

Course Schedule

  • 8:00      announcements and introduction
  • 8:10      muscle/tendon anatomy
  • 8:20      muscle physiology, mechanics
  • 8:45      tendon biology
  • 9:05      tendon repair, tenolysis
  • 9:35      tendon repair rehabilitation
  • 10:05     questions and answer session
  • 10:30    break
  • 10:45    tenodesis
  • 11:05    tendon grafts
  • 11:25    tendon/muscle transfers
  • 11:45    tendinitis
  • 12:05    muscle conditions
  • 12:20    question and answer session
  • 12:35    quiz, announcements
  • 12:45    adjourn

Cities for 2020 Scroll down to see cities, dates, venues (click on city), local chair and syllabus, which is city-specific and will be accessible here several days before your course. If the syllabus specific for your city is not available, download the one for Los Angeles because the slides will be similar if not identical.

We will post more dates and venues as local hosts finalize their plans.

CITY (click to see venue)   DATE    LOCAL CHAIR 

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Albuquerque 11/7/20, Atlanta 8/15/20, Boise 5/9/20, Boston 5/2/20, Denver 4/25/20, Hershey 3/7/20, Los Angeles 2/1/20, Louisville 8/22/20, Madison (NJ) 9/12/20, Minneapolis 4/25/20, Oklahoma City 3/28/20, Philadelphia 10/24/20, Pittsburgh 05/2/20, Portland (ME) 10/24/20, Portland (OR) 4/25/20, San Francisco 10/24/20, Seattle (Issaquah) 3/28/20, Tampa 5/16/20, Winston-Salem 2/29/20