Doctors Demystify Wound Care On-Line


Doctors Demystify Wound Care On-Line



Watch 12 video presentations (each 7-26 minutes long) on these topics

History of wound care                           
Skin anatomy and physiology              
Normal wound healing                   
Altered wound healing                  
Infection Control
Wound assessment and description
Dressings and chemical treatments
Mechanical treatments
Scar maturation and modeling
Managing clean surgical incisions
Managing open wounds
Managing thermal injuries

Meet these objectives   
On completion of the course, the participant will be able to

  1. describe the normal anatomy and physiology of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  2. describe the sequence of normal wound healing and altered states that delay it
  3. demonstrate sterile technique and document wound assessment
  4. describe mechanical and chemical treatments to aid wound healing and scar modeling
  5. describe specific care procedures for clean surgical incisions, open wounds, thermal injuries

CONTENT FOCUS: Professional issues: education; OT process: evaluation, intervention

Take the on-line quiz, achieve >70% correct answers, and obtain your certificate for 4 hours of continuing education credit.  DD guarantees your satisfaction or returns your money.